Change your pricing plan

In case you want to contract a paid plan or to change or upgrade your current pricing plan, this is your article.

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Which plan to choose?
Change your plan
Change the payment periodicity
Change conditions

Which plan to choose?

You can choose between different plans, mainly depending on the total amount of emails that you will need to send each month.

Common to all plans

  • Have access to all our template designs (more than 850).
  • Import as many recipients as you need.
  • Create as many custom templates, lists of recipients, and campaigns as you want.
  • Configure all your domains (to improve deliverability).
  • Advanced campaign report.
  • Support via chat and email.

Differences between plans

  • It is visible or not in each email that has been sent with Gumbamail.
  • More or less shipping credits are assigned to your account.
  • You will be able to save more or less custom reusable rows inside the email editor.

Which payment frequency is available?

As the service is offered renewed monthly, it is possible to choose between two payment periodicities:

  • Monthly payment: You will be charged the monthly fee at the time of purchase and then, each month you will be charged again automatically unless you cancel your account.
  • Yearly payment: You will be charged for the whole year at the time of purchase and then, each year you will be charged again automatically unless you cancel your account.


If you select a yearly rate, a 20% discount will be applied.

What is a shipping credit?

Depending on the selected plan, a specific amount of shipping credits is assigned to your account. Specifically:

  • One credit is equivalent to one sent email.
  • These credits are renewed monthly.
  • Months are calculated from the date of purchase (they are unrelated to the calendar months).
  • If by the end of the month, not all shipping credits have been used, bear in mind that these credits will not be added to your account for the following month.

Change your plan

You may want to change from one pricing plan to another, and you can do so at any time. You will have to follow the next steps.

Select a different plan

Go to the  ACCOUNT View > Select the PLAN tab > Click on the CHANGE PLAN button.

A popup containing all available plans will be displayed. You can choose one by clicking on the SELECT button.


If you select a paid plan, you won't be able to go back to the free plan unless you cancel your account and activate it again (losing all your information).

Introduce the payment and billing information

Once you have chosen a specific plan and payment frequency, the last step would be to add your payment method and billing information. Remember that you can find information about your plan in the ACCOUNT view, specifically:

  • The pricing plan for your account, where you can change your plan.
  • The payment renewal date, plus the paid amount (monthly or yearly depending on the chosen frequency). Here you can change the payment frequency too.
  • The renewal date of the shipping credits. Here you can cancel the account too.


If there is already a paid plan assigned to your account, we recommend you wait just before the due date of the previous rate renewal date to select a new plan. Have a look at the change conditions section.

Change the payment periodicity

There are two different scenarios considered in the following table:

  • Accounts with a monthly payment assigned. You can keep the current plan changing only the payment frequency from monthly to yearly.
  • Accounts with a yearly payment assigned. This option is not available, a yearly payment cannot be changed to a monthly payment. In this case, the monthly payment will be available only if a completely different plan is chosen.

In case you want to change from a monthly plan to a yearly one:

  1. Go to the ACCOUNT View > Select PLAN tab > Click on the CHANGE TO ANNUAL button.
  2. A confirmation popup will appear. Click again on the CHANGE TO ANNUAL button to confirm the change.

Change conditions

Before choosing a new plan or changing the payment frequency of the current rate, you should consider the following:

  • Once you select a paid plan, the free option won't be visible anymore.
  • Once you select a new plan or you request a payment frequency change, changes will come into effect immediately, that is to say:
    • The new payment will be issued right after you proceed with the purchase.
    • The renewal date (monthly or yearly) will be calculated taking into account the time of purchase (it is unrelated to the calendar months).
    • The previous service which was already paid will be immediately canceled in favor of the new one.  This means that the previous monthly or yearly rate will be ended right after the purchase, even if the period was not due yet.