Cancel my account

In case you are considering canceling your account, you should read this article. 

In this section

Cancellation consequences
Alternatives to cancellation
Steps to cancel the account

Cancellation consequences

Before canceling your account, you should be aware that all information will be deleted:

  • All your campaigns will be deleted.
  • All your custom templates will be deleted.
  • All your lists of recipients will be deleted.
  • All your settings will be deleted.
⚠️    BEAR IN MIND: In case you have activated more than one Google Account while that activation is independent, cancellation is independent too. This means that the rest of the accounts will still remain active.

Alternatives to cancellation

The following table reflects scenarios in which there are more options rather than canceling your account.

I want to use another email address This feature is not currently supported in the extension. But if you want to maintain your account and your pricing plan in your new Gmail address, you can contact us to manage the migration.
I do not need to send as many emails every month Prior to the renewal date, you can change your plan to a lower one. 

Steps to cancel the account

If you are sure you do not want to use Gumbamail anymore with this account, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to ACCOUNT view > Select PLAN tab > Click on the CANCEL ACCOUNT button. The button is located in different places depending on your type on your rate (free or paid).
  2. A confirmation popup will appear. Click on the CANCEL button to proceed.
  3. One more re-confirmation popup will appear. In this case, it is required to enter your email address (the one with which you are logged into Gmail) and then, click on the CANCEL button.
  4. Gmail will be reloaded and then, Gumbamail will be no longer available (apart from the account activation option).
⏭️   NEXT: You can find detailed information concerning the account activation here