Register a new domain

This article explains how and why to associate a domain with your account.

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Register a new domain
Verify your domain
Why deliverability improves when a domain is associated

Why register a domain?

These are the benefits of registering a verified domain:

  • As we can authenticate the whole domain, now you will be allowed to choose any email under that domain as your campaign's sender. We won't launch anymore the sender email validation flow when you use a new email address as the sender.
  •  This is a prior required step to later enable and configure DKIM/SPF, which will improve your deliverability.

Register a new domain

It is possible to register a new domain with a few clicks. First of all, go to the DOMAINS view. It is accessible both from the sidebar and the main navigation menu.

Click on the NEW DOMAIN button.

Then a popup will be displayed, where your domain name will be required. Remember that you should not include protocol prefixes. We are not asking for a URL, but just the domain name.

Once the required information is set, click the ADD DOMAIN button. This way, an unverified domain will be associated with your account.

Verify your domain

It is required to verify that you are the owner of the domain. The domains added to your account are ignored until the ownership is verified. In addition to that, it is highly recommended to set up the antispam configuration, which will significantly improve your deliverability.

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