Verify your domain

This article explains the different options available to verify your domain.

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Verify your domain

Verify your domain

First of all, click on the domain row to access the domain settings.

Go to the OWNERSHIP tab, where all available options for proving the ownership are displayed. Remember that you only have to execute 1 of the 4 available actions.

Verification via email

When you select this option, a list of common email addresses will be displayed. If you do not have any of the suggested ones, you must create one from your provider. This way we can be sure that you really own the domain.

After selecting one of the email addresses, click on the SEND button. We will send an email to the chosen email address. You must click on the link included in the email to complete the verification.

Upload a file to your server

Another available verification option is to create a file and upload it to your server. You will need to create a file with the name and content provided when you display this option. Then you must upload the file created in the right path and click on the VERIFY button.

Add a meta tag

You can also add a meta tag in the header of your website's home page, by editing the HTML of this page. You just have to add the HTML element provided. When your home page is updated, click on the VERIFY button.

Create a DNS record

You can add a TXT record in your domain's DNS settings with the provided content. Once the record has been added, click on the VERIFY button.