Monitor your campaigns

This article describes all the information available to track your campaigns.

In this section

Check your campaign status
Check your campaign report

Check your campaign status

In order to list all your created campaigns, go to the  CAMPAIGNS view. In the main view, all your campaigns will be displayed.

For each campaign it is possible to check the following information:

Campaign The internal name of the campaign.
Status The status of the campaign. There are three possible states:
  • Being edited. You saved a draft, but the shipping date hasn't been established yet.
  • Sent. The campaign has already been sent (the shipping may still be in progress).
  • Scheduled. The shipping date has been established in the future.
Sent date The date when the campaign was sent or will be sent.
Creation date The date when you created the campaign.
Emails The number of emails sent.
Opened The number of emails opened by your recipients.
Clicks The number of recipients who have clicked on the links of the email.
⚠️   REMEMBER: You can click on those campaigns with Being edited status in order to finish them. 

Check your campaign report

For those campaigns with the  Sent status, you can click on its corresponding row to open a live report.

Once the report is opened, a set of tabs is displayed. Take into consideration that not all tabs are available in the free plan.

Tab name Available in the free plan
Email ✔️
Summary ✔️

Email content

The Html content of the sent email is displayed in this tab, just as a reference to the content received by your recipients.


In this tab, you will find information related to the delivery, your campaign impact, and other basic counters.

Delivery success

From the total of emails expected to be sent, this graphic shows how many emails have been delivered and how many bounces have been registered. A bounce occurs when the email servers reject the shipping request because of different reasons.

Campaign impact

Taking only into consideration the delivered emails, the following graphic shows how many of these emails have been opened by their corresponding recipient and how many recipients have marked your email as spam. 

Basic counters

In addition to the graphic information, you can check a list of basic counters like:

  • Total clicks tracked (one recipient can click multiple times and each click is counted).
  • Unique clicks, representing the total number of recipients who clicked on your email.
  • The number of recipients who have requested to unsubscribe from your list.
  • The last time one of the sent emails was opened.


In this tab, a list of all your recipients is displayed.

Here you can filter them according to their behavior regarding the email received. Specifically, you can filter by:

Opened For those emails delivered and opened by your recipient.
Unopened For those emails delivered, but not opened by your recipient.
Hard bounce The email could not be delivered because it is invalid (it does not exist or there is a misprint).
Soft bounce The email could not be delivered because of a temporal error (p.e. the mailbox is full). Our server will try to send these emails again later.
Complaint Your email was marked as spam by the recipient.
Unsubscribe The recipient has requested to unsubscribe from your list.
Clicks For those recipients who have opened and clicked on your email.

Depending on the selected filter, more or less information will be available for each recipient:

  • For opened and clicked emails, it is possible to check:
    • When it was opened
    • Where (country/city) it was opened
    • Total number of openings or clicks
    • A quality value that represents how good is the recipient is offered too (internally calculated according to the accumulated recipient behavior)
  • For recipients who requested to be unsubscribed from your list, it is possible to check:
    • When the unsubscription was requested
    • The reason for unsubscribing (if one selected)
  • For unopened, hard bounces, soft bounces, and complaints, it is possible to check:
    • The status of the recipient (active, hard, unsubscribed, complaint)
    • The quality of the recipient

Export as CSV file

In addition, for each filter, it is possible to export the recipients' information as a CSV file. You only have to click on the export button and wait for the export file to be generated. You can leave the extension and come later, as the file creation won't be suspended.

 If the requested file is ready, two new buttons will be available: one for downloading the file and another to request the creation of a new file (more recent, with the last updated information of your recipients).

Advanced report

In order to properly evaluate your campaign, this section lets you know more specific and detailed information about your recipients. Specifically:

  • Openings per device. The percentages by type of device on which your campaign has been opened (tablet, computer, smartphone, etc.).

  • ISPs. In which email clients (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, others)  your recipients open the campaign.

  • Evolution in time. Information about how your shipping has evolved over time.

  • Openings per country. The number of openings that have occurred in each country.

  • Openings per browser. The browsers in which your email has been opened.

  • Openings per operating system. The operating system in which your email has been opened.

URLs tracking

This tab shows all the URLs linked in your template. You can check the total number of clicks and unique clicks tracked for each URL.