This article collects well-known issues that you can experience while using Gumbamail and how to solve them.

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All views are in a loading state forever

All views are in a loading state forever

If, after installation, all views seem to take forever to load, it could be related to the way your browser is managing cookies.

Why cookies are required?

Because of security reasons, Gumbamail needs to store the information of your session in a cookie under the domain. Thanks to that cookie, it is possible to identify your account and to be sure that the owner of the Gmail account is the one requesting information to Gumbamail servers.

In case Google Chrome blocks cookies, this session cookie won't be accessible, with the result that your account information will be protected and cannot be loaded.

Check if the browser is blocking cookies

As describe in Chrome docs, you have to look for the following configuration menu :

 	Settings > Privacy and security > Cookies and other site data

In case that the option "Allow all cookies" is marked, it is all done. Your browser is NOT blocking cookies.

But in case that one of the three blocking options is marked, your browser could be blocking cookies.

Allow cookies for Gumbamail

As Gumbamail requires at least the session cookie to be available, there are two options:

  • To mark the "Allow all cookies" option, or
  • To keep the blocking option marked, but adding an exception to the blocking rule.

In order to add an exception, you have to go to "Sites that can always use cookies" and click on the "Add" button.

Add "" as the site. Don't forget to check the "Including third-party cookies" option.

That is all. This way you will be able to properly use Gumbamail.