Import recipients from Google Sheets

This article describes what to take into consideration when your recipient's information is imported from Google Sheets (Google Drive Spreadsheets).

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Steps to import recipients from Google Sheets
Expected format

Steps to import recipients from Google Sheets

When you create a new list, you should follow these steps to import your recipients from Google Sheets:

  1. Select the GOOGLE SHEETS option in the IMPORT FROM dropdown.
  2. All the spreadsheets found in your Google Drive account will be displayed. Select one or more spreadsheets and click the IMPORT button
  3. Then, the content of the selected spreadsheets will be read and shown in the table (if no format errors are found).
⚠️ TO CONSIDER: If a large number of spreadsheets is found in your Drive account, the last 100 edited spreadsheets are pre-loaded, so that you can select them. But, if you find that a loading spinner is visible, it is because more spreadsheets are still being loaded.

Expected format

Google Drive, as a service linked to your Google account, allows you to create, synchronize, and store files in an easy way. As a short reference, you can check how to create a new spreadsheet.

You should consider the following considerations when creating your spreadsheet: