Import recipients from a CSV file

This article describes what to take into consideration when your recipient's information is imported from a CSV local file.

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Steps to import recipients from a CSV local file
Expected format

Steps to import recipients from a CSV local file

When you create a new list, you should follow these steps to import your recipients from a CSV local file:

  1. Select the CSV FILE option in the IMPORT FROM dropdown
  2. Click the UPLOAD FILE button.
  3. An Open File popup is opened. Look for the CSV file in your local system and select it.
  4. Then, the content of the file will be read and shown in the table (if no format errors are found).

Expected format

A CSV file (comma-separated values) is a text file that uses a comma to separate values and a line break to separate each data record. Specifically:

  • First-line should contain the name of each column, separated by a comma. Remember that these columns will be the eligible merge tags.
  • Consecutive lines contain your recipient's information (one line per recipient, each value separated by a comma).

As a reference on how to generate your CSV file:

⏭️  NEXT: About specific details related to the file content, have a look at the article where the expected content is explained in detail.